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Since the 70s, nearby Zell am Wallersee is located the biggest Camping place, with a wonderful natural bathing beach, in the middle of a natural reserve.

The extensive number of old trees as well as cultivated hedges and lawns leave nothing else to be desired by nature lovers and those who are looking for peace on our fully open pitched yards.

Unique in the Salzburg area - these places can also be purchased in the property. Make your dream come true from your own retreat at the Wallersee!


The whole area is enclosed and the access is possible via an electronic access control with barriers to each individual place of residence.

There is ample parking for both owners and visitors.

The sanitary facilities were extensively renovated in 2013 and now offer every comfort.

Directly next to the facility is a railway station of the ÖBB-Westbahn, so that a convenient accessibility is also possible without a car.

The space - including bathing beach and lawns for sunbathing covers a total area of approximately 60,000 m² with large trees, hedges and dense greenery, which is maintained and cared for by the company staff. It is operated annually from 1 April to 31 October, but the living quarters can be stopped over the winter months.

Visitors are registered at the reception and can only after visit the square, ensuring security. The living spaces have a size of 80 - 120 m², are fully open (electricity, water, channel, with own counter)

The living spaces are accessible via asphalted access roads with lighting. The place has enough sanitary facilities as well as a beach buffet in case of some need of a snack. Purchases and various errands can be commissioned if required.

In addition to the many possibilities the lake offers, there is also a beach volleyball court. From spring 2013, we will offer boat owners their own mooring at the swimming area.


The maintenance of the general area is managed by the staff.

All necessary approvals and notices for the installation are obtained by the management, as well as their compliance is verified.

There is a 24 h - presence of the operating line.

Mr Prietzel is the person that works as a starting point for questions and problems. The operating costs and adherence to the place order are billed annually.



Bayerham 40, 5201 Zell am Wallersee, Austria, 47.9190596/13.1593675

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