Luxury of freedom

License F.A.Q.

Asking the Licensor

  • What can I use BIG BERRY houses for?

As you already might know, BIG BERRY works with three types of houses: Blue, Brown and Orange. Check out some of the possibilities for your BIG BERRY house here

  • Can I use BIG BERRY licence outside Europe?

Yes. BIG BERRY business is entirely adaptable to any kind of market, country and culture. Contact us for further information.

  • Where would BIG BERRY houses be located?

The license will be located wherever the licensor decides, being limited to the modality of houses (blue - countryside; orange - cities; brow-countryside) and by the obligatory analysis of the location on accessibility; infrastructure; offered possibility in terms of partners; political and governmental support; legislation permission.

  • Are the company’s trademarks federally registered and who owns them?

The trademarks are registered under BIG BERRY name and slogan “BIG BERRY Luxury of Freedom”.

  • Does BIG BERRY have any similar franchise/licence competitors on the market?

According to the benchmark research, there is no similar service offered by hotels, resorts, campsite, glamping and any other modality of hotel, that can be compared to BIG BERRY. 

  • Is there a possibility of negotiations on the terms of the licence?

Yes, both BIG BERRY’s franchise and license are open to negotiating terms that will be beneficial to both sides

  • How much in total needs to be invested in order to own BIG BERRY licence?

The total is the amount paid for the house. To check the houses price, please contact us.

  • What are the steps to have a BIG BERRY licence?

- To decide the type of house
- To agree on the type of contract
- To define dates
- To schedule training courses and do it
- To observe and validate process of development 
- To continue the work with assistance as needed

  • Are the products or services being purchased from the licensor?

The essential products and services to have a BIG BERRY license operating will be all provided with the house. In case the Licensor decides to have extra products and services, prices and delivery process information shall be consulted with BIG BERRY.

  • What is the method of distributing products?

The house is built in the location by specialized professionals. With the house pieces of furniture will be delivered and other items will be handled in by our suppliers or BIG BERRY.

  • Has the company conducted any consumer research and what were the results?

Since BIG BERRY is an innovative and specific concept, consumer research so far has been conducted mostly through primary and qualitative methods based on surveys, reviews, direct observations, interviews, direct communication with customers and target groups, visits and reviews of competitors.

  • Is there a possibility of adding some new products, projects or services once licence is issued?

BIG BERRY is always innovating and franchisees will be the first to know about the new launches.

  • Is there an approximate costs estimation for the new products or services?

It will depend on the item. Prices and obligatoriness will be introduced in advance and can always be checked and discussed with us.

  • Are sales or distribution of the products restricted in any way?

Yes. BIG BERRY items are meant to be used by licensors, franchisees and in case of brand events. 

  • Is there a minimum that must be purchased?

No. However, we consider franchisees and licensors with more units will have higher revenues if they purchase more houses, once the rentability will be higher when having more unities, because coasts with training, opening and brand items will remain the same. Also, in case franchisee already has a manager, it is possible him/her to manage more than one house at once.

  • Can I have a meeting with the licensing consultant if needed before purchasing the licence?

Yes. There will be different license consultants, and the one who will work for every company will be chosen before the contract signing and there will be the opportunity to have a meeting with that person before.

  • What kind of consumer advertising is recommended to use?

BIG BERRY works with social media advertisement; Newsletter submission; Promotional Flyers for external events; sending of brand magazines; events promotions and participation in promotional events.

  • What kind of marketing vehicles is being primarily used for the brand promotion?

Social media channels: Instagram and Facebook; Website, Magazines: Feel, Join, and Create; Newsletter/targets.

  • What is the quality of the licensor's product and service?

Products and services are high quality and it can be checked online, by reading the reviews, content, pictures,  models and also when scheduling a visit to BIG BERRY Kolpa, where you can experience the service yourself.

  • Are the manuals updates being regularly implemented?

Yes, there are. Besides it, whenever there is an update, BIG BERRY makes sure all Franchisees and Licensors are aware of it - in case of any update, BIG BERRY will find the best way to communicate the changes (electronically or via post).


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