Luxury of freedom

License Business Ideas

BIG BERRY Boxes possibilities - for License modality - put together the certain type of house, services, training and brand elements for you to get started with your new business. You can also feel free to build up your own model by adding or taking out any of the items we offer service or product we offer.

BIG BERRY boxes can fit any kind of business. Starting with the three types of houses, available for hosting businesses of any segment. 

Why not having a bookshop and a coffee shop just there, by the sea and inside a Blue Berry house? Or maybe a handcraft store and school in the middle of the city in an Orange house? Or, with the dream place you have for your business is the countryside, maybe a grocery store or a 
sports equipment rental store close to a famous lake or river?


 BIG BERRY box 1 - For Business

This is the box of your brand success.

We suppose you are that special case who has everything already settled down: ideas, business plan, product, the city where you will function and everything that is needed for a business to grow well, but you know you are lacking a space and something else, maybe a BIG BERRY touch?

BIG BERRY Box 3 was thought out to give your business a comfortable place that can be established anywhere you want and have the permission to. Tell us where you will be and we will provide you with your dream business mobile house!


BIG BERRY box 2 - For Business 

The box 4 has the main purpose hosting your business in a cool and lean environment and surround you with training support, but adding to your house our Brand Elements.

We understand that a nice environment that provides comfort cannot only boost productivity but also creativity. Our items of furniture and decorative elements will turn your BIG BERRY House - inside and outside - into a cosy place form where nobody will want to leave.

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