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Since the whole BIG BERRY concept is inspired by the elements of nature, it is no different when it comes to houses. 

BIG BERRY appreciates the organic architecture and it gives high value to nature, in another word BB conforms to nature. BIG BERRY is a worldwide concept and the houses are designed to suit many different locations. For that reason, three different styles of the houses were developed: blue, brown and orange.

Each house type has a different meaning and it varies by the exterior colour and design to match the corresponding environment. Blue house was made for coastal areas and seaside. Its cheerful blue and white exterior symbolizes the colour of the sea, the light summer sky and breeze. Brown house is made for continental areas, countryside, mountains and lakes. The brown colour of the house is perfectly associated with the natural environment because it matches the colours of the forest and it symbolizes the connection between people and nature. Orange house is intended for urban areas and for rooftop terraces. The colour matches the vibrant tones of the cities and is meant for any kind of business.

BIG BERRY houses are bright and can be seen from a long distance. The characteristic of every house is a vertical stripe in corporate red violet colour, and although the houses vary in colours, this visual element makes them recognisable. Another association of the red-violet stripe is the look of a chocolate box with a wrap, which makes the house exterior even more specific.

When it comes to the interior, the houses are spacious and can accommodate 2, 4 or 6 persons. BIG BERRY houses are luxurious and modernly equipped. Each house consists of a kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedrooms and terrace; made from natural materials and designed with style.  

**BIG BERRY provides the opportunity of using the BIG BERRY house for different purposes and business options, such as fashion stores, schools, co-working space, coffee shops, all type of offices, fairs, hairdresser and much more. Possibilities are certainly endless with the benefit of being able to bring the house and brand wherever you want.





Leisure (On and out the water)

Leisure (On and out the water)


Countryside grocery store

Coworking Space

Clothes Store

Countryside event space

Surf/Beach shop + Healthy food restaurant/shop

Coffee Shop

Countryside meeting room

Craft shop

Coworking Space

Countryside business leisure house/room

Coffee Shop

Craft shop

Countryside craft store

Bakery Shop

Meeting room

Countryside museum

Bar - also on the water

Bakery Shop


Water equipment rental


Bar - on the water




Beauty salon + Cosmetic Store








Jewelry store

If your brand is operating in a different segment, don’t worry. BIG BERRY business is ready to support you on this new journey.




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