Luxury of freedom

Business Model

BIG BERRY social and sustainable business model has its actions strongly based on the people which include diverse international team, guests and social relations with local community and businesses.

BB model is built gradually by carefully connecting both internal and external elements of the concept’s infrastructure, including management of the resort, people, guests, partners, projects, events and campaigns.

BIG BERRY is considered to be a ‘No Office Brand’, which implies a location independent job and it seems to be appreciated among employees which is visible through the performance efficiency.

The aim of a no-office-policy is to provide the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world, at any time, as long as the wifi is available.This approach to working is in harmony with the whole BIG BERRY concept which is meant to be spread all around the globe.

After the summer season in the resort ends, the team continues working on the projects, further development and preparations for the next season.

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