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Orange BERRY House


The BIG BERRY houses have an organic architecture and were made according to 3 concepts that are suitable for different locations: continental, coastal and urban areas. All houses have a high-quality interior, a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, wardrobes, and bedrooms. You will also find a flat screen TV. The houses are available for 2, 4, 6 or 10 people.

This house was made for urban areas and for rooftops. It is an innovative idea which is just waiting for you to start with. Place it directly in the middle of a city center, and offer it someone for a living. In this house, you will also find everything you want and need for your perfect stay.

House Design

A perfect beggining of a new business venture. Its vivid orange colour will entice curiosity in everyone, be ready to welcome passersby, as they inquire about your place of business. 

Designer of Orange BERRY House

Alessandro Rado, It

As Founder of 3BN in 2001 he directed projects international and start-ups of import / export between Europe and Far East. Funded by HHD in 2004 and first in Italy starts the project of mobile home design to a tourist destination. He continues his path as creative director of H16, so it develops prefab projects by realizing single housing units and omnidirectional units directional, including H-Farm, Union Lido, PuntAla. In Dogtrot he is the CEO, strategic planner and art director for the prefab design part.

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