luxury of freedom

The beginning of adventure

Our Olympic adventure has finally started, in all its glory! Another BB trip is behind us. After a long hours of travelling, the BB team has finally landed on the Incheon airport in South Korea.

First contact with South Korea happened on the flight from Frankfurt to Seoul, where we had a chance to enjoy our very first Korean bites, while nestled high in the clouds, which made the long flight a bit easier. 

soho                       Soohorang enjoying specialties on flight

After landing, we were excited to see the incheon airport, which was being named one of the best airports in the world for the past couple of years in a row. What makes Incheon so special is a wide range of services and activities offered that include work, entertainment, leisure and relaxation. Simply said, Incheon will make your layover experience less painful, even enjoyable. It provides a true “luxury of freedom“ feeling, and we could easily identify with that.

incheonairport                Incheon is known as one of the best airports in the world 

Compared to the worldwide average of arrivals and departures which approximately last up to 45 and 60 minutes, an estimated time for on Incheon airport is 12 and 19 minutes, which preserves a lot of precious time. Another useful information is that it is almost impossible to lose your bags. So, fear no more, your luggage is safe and sound.

Beside the high level of safety, there are various services offered, such as free wi-fi and computers, showers, dry cleaning, sleeping rooms, playrooms, indoor gardens, beauty services, medical services and even a post office.

adventure                In a search for the next adventure at the Incheon airport

If you enjoy different activities, Incheon airport offers a golf course, endless duty free shops, movie theaters, casino, spa, sauna and ice skating rink (as a perfect preparation for the Olympics). If wishing to be more culturally informed, there are Korean culture museum and traditional Korean cultural experience available just around the corner.

These days, everything on the airport is themed with Winter Olympics and its mascots, which was our favourite part of all. 

ana i mari         Photo shooting with the Olympic mascots was an absolute must

It's needless to say how amazed we were while stepping out of the plane at the Incheon airport. So, all we can say is that we keep fingers crossed for our flight back to be delayed at least a bit, so we can enjoy the benefits of the world's best airport.

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