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Planica - another winter experience

Already a month has passed since our BB Olympic team returned from the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. The impressions from the biggest sporting event of the year have finally settled, so it was time for a new adventure.

During the past weekend BIG BERRY was a part of another great story. Still feeling attached to winter sports, our team decided to visit Planica Nordic Centre in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia, from 22 - 25 March, where the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup 2018 was held. It was a place that gathered ski jumpers from all around the world and supporters from different countries, what made us experience flashback from PyeongChang and we felt delighted to witness another sporting event that brings people together. Naturally, we couldn’t afford to miss it.

BB team and flag         BB flag once again in Julian Alps, after the Tiglav adventure

BB planica                     Many ski have gathered, to support their athletes

The BIG BERRY team, together with the support of the partners, created a cozy atmosphere in the Planica press room, where they welcomed visitors with a complimentary offer that included traditional Slovenian food like belokranjska pogača bread made by BIBI and delicious drinks including rakijalocal brandy by Domačija Kuzma, raspberry wine by Kmetija Pavlovič and white wine from Šuklje winery, while distinct design of Duke Group tableware contributed to the authentic visual presentation. Joined together and with the support from RIC Bela krajina, we were able to create a real BIG BERRY feeling and represent Bela krajina at its best.

BIBI mari ivnaIt was a great place to represent Bela krajina culture and the resort concept

making pogaca       Pogača workshop is a must have while representing Bela krajina...

BB partners                            ...together with its well known wines 

BB promo                 We were creating another great story in Planica.

While admiring the breathtaking views of Julian Alps covered in snow, we could only imagine how BIG BERRY house would fit in this scenery. We didn’t have the house to place there, but fortunately we had the butterfly chairs, a BB lantern and a table  to lay back and to read the new edition of the BB magazine while soaking up the winter setting and enjoying the mountain landscape over a hot cup of tea and delicious cookies made by Domače Dobrote Mojca. Sounds idyllic? And it was.

Butterfly chair            Could you imagine a BB house in this idyllic scenery?

planica scenery                          What a perfect place to take a break!

This event was a place of socializing, connecting and sharing experiences. While meeting numerous people, including sportsmen and journalists, we got the chance to hear more inspiring stories, as well as to share some of our own. Our team even had a chance of meeting the ex-Prime Minister of Slovenia, Miro Cerar, who was delighted with pogača made by Bernarda Kump from Belokranjsko izročilo.

socialize      It was a place of socializing over tasting BB partners products....

bibi baking                             ...and making delicious pogača...

bibi and miro cerar       ...which we had the chance to share with the present guests

It was a perfect introduction of the new, upcoming BB season, full of events and projects, where we will welcome many BB Chefs and Masterminds, collaborate with our partners and create new connections in order to make the third year in BIG BERRY special and worth mentioning. We are taking off on 28 April, when the official opening and press conference will be held at the BIG BERRY Kopla River in Slovenia. We are ready to fly, are you?

opening                     Did you save the date for a BB opening?


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