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Korean “Pali-pali” Culture

From what we’ve established so far, South Korean people tend to be very quick and effective in whatever they do. Just like our BB team. As from today, we found out that doing things quickly is a part of their culture and that there is even an expression 'pali-pali' which means 'quickly'. Our conclusion was that 'chop-chop' would be the closest equivalent to this saying.   

fast mariRush hour in the Olympic village. Can you spot a BB team member (hint: she's wearing a white cap)

Pali-pali appears in all the aspects of Korean culture and lifestyle. It applies everywhere, from the smallest daily routines, to the country's growth and its infrastructure development. Everything is organized and fast-moving, what makes Korea a perfect host for these Winter Olympic Games. Let's hope the athletes will have the same slogan as their motto while competing.

BIG BERRY fast moving and creative lifestyle, full of events, activities and trips , made us blend perfectly into Korean pali-pali culture. In fact, we liked the expression so much that we are considering of making it a part of BB slogan.

mari in the run Our Olympic berry Mariliza has perfectly blended into Korean “pali-pali“ lifestyle.

Our BB Olympic team  should be more than ready to catch up with Korean fast pace. After organizing a Press Conference last August in only 3 days and making  BB brand  clothes for the first BB fashion week event in less than 7 days, our team is ready for almost anything, in full speed!

A fast-paced lifestyle is not a mystery to us Westerners, but Koreans certainly brought it to another level and gave a special meaning to it. Comparing the two different lifestyles, we noticed that we tend to approach life in a slightly more leisurely way, at least when it comes to taking longer coffee breaks. For example, eastern European countries are known for having more relaxed lifestyle, taking it easy, as it is believed that you should take time to enjoy every given moment.

Untitled design         Grab your coffee and snack - and hit the road! No time for resting.

mr b in a city               Even Mr.B found himself rushing down the streets of Seoul

Talking about fast, did you know that Slovenian House  here in PyeongChang was put together in only 4 days? With a help of an amazing team working 15 hours per day, they managed to create a house with a warm and cozy atmosphere, which is being gladly visited by the people all around the world.  

slovenska hisa       It took only 4 days to put the pieces of Slovenian House together

Being here in Korea and trying to soak up as much of their culture as possible, we embraced this catchy saying and have introduced it to our everyday life here. Since everything is happening fast, this helps us being effective and use every given opportunity as much as possible, while still making time to have fun and enjoy this experience to the fullest.

From now on, our favourite rooting expression during the Olympic Games  will be 'pali-pali'. It sounds catchy, it's encouraging for the athletes and it makes us blend perfectly into Korean lifestyle. We are one step closer to becoming locals! According to our 21 Days Project, we are only 14 days away of fully adapting to Korean lifestyle!

mari cheering       Our BB team is supporting the athletes with pali-pali enthusiasm!

hochey gameThanks to all the cheering, Slovenian team was fast enough to win a friendly hockey game against South Korea

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