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It’s all about the connection

We would all have to agree that today’s travelling lifestyle is easy mainly because of the widespread internet connection, almost everywhere we go. Online world is keeping us connected no matter where we are on this globe. But, in some places that goes smoother than the others. One of those places is definitely South Korea. 

connection blog Fast connection is a dream of every Social Media fan, including our BB team

Did you know that South Korea is a country with the fastest internet connection in the world, with the average speed of almost 30 Mbps? In case this number means nothing to you, let’s just say that’s really fast, especially if compared with Slovenian average speed of 12 Mbps. In addition, about 92.4% of the population are internet users, so don’t be surprise to see seniors around surfing the internet like mad.

coffestop                 First coffee stop = first test of fast internet connection

Fast internet connection will be perfect for our trip here in South Korea, while we try to balance between fun activities and work. It's like a perfect combination of Workation and remote work. Due to our “No office brand policy, we decided to make South Korea our office for the following month. 

Just like in the online world, in BIG BERRY everything is about the connection. Whether is about connecting people, business, experience, we believe that connection is a powerful and wonderful thing of today’s world.

25258243217 8343bed83f k     BB Olympic team is joined together and ready to make new connections

Great news! Our Skype calls from South Korea should run smoothly and without interruptions. Also, it is exciting to know that the atmosphere from the Olympics will be easily spread to all the fans around the world, and that the athletes will be able to share their achievements and selfies from some of the most important moments in their careers.

We can happily say goodbye to our fear of being disconnected from the rest of the world, and inform everyone that lots of interesting, fun and educative content is going to be uploaded to our channels really fast. That surely dragged a big smile to our faces, and what else is happily smiling here in Korea, find out very soon in our next post.

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