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BB Olympic team

Counting the days, hours and minutes until the beginning of the Winter Olympic adventure in South Korea! Although not competing for a title, BIG BERRY feels like its Olympic dream is coming true, and the whole team couldn’t be more excited about it.

With only few days left until the Games in PyeongChang, it’s time to meet the heads of operation who will represent Slovenia and BIG BERRY at the Olympics.

After months of preparations and hard work, three team members from BIG BERRY and Hosekra  will head to South Korea in order to support the athletes and the Slovenian House project.


                                    Joining to create the feeling

The ultimate purpose of BB team at the Olympics is to spread the supportive and collaborative spirit. They are hitting the road filled with strong desire to feel the atmosphere, join the experience and create the story. Three team members, three different countries, three BIG BERRY pillars. Coincidence? We think not!

Now, they might not have the ability to win a gold medal in Alpine skiing or Biathlon, but they certainly own some serious set of skills, just of a slightly different kind.

Meet our golden Olympic team, coming from Slovenia, Croatia and Brazil.

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                                     BOŠTJAN [bosh -tya - n]

Boštjan is a deep-thinking, thoughtful and innovative person. As he claims about himself: “Might seem I’m talking about something completely out of the blue, but I’ve had this idea in my head for already 21 minutes.”

Passionate about: Mobile thingies, multifunctionality and homemade yoghurt.

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                                               ANA [an - a]

Ana is one of the most assertive and dynamic members of BIG BERRY team. As she admits: “I often don’t even finish a question and already start a new one. Fuelled by salad and 4 hours of sleep.”

Passionate about: Apples, apples, apples, apples, apples, apples and again apples

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                                    MARILIZA [ma - ri - li - za]

Mariliza is staid and conservative, and never acted on impulse. “Often happens to me that I say bad words to people. Instead of saying they are great, I say just “You’re nice.”

Passionate about: Cooking food, looking at food, eating food... Just food!

BIG BERRY team is also excited about exploring South Korea, its culture and customs, since this is the first time they will visit an Eastern Asian country. Boštjan, Ana and Mariliza are ready to transfer the Olympic atmosphere to the rest of the team who will not be present there, as well as everyone who is following us.

After all the preparations and the “backstage“ work, all we have left is to relax, enjoy and seize the moment.


          Building new friendships - Mr. B, Soohorang and Mariliza

Although we believe in our team, the support is always welcome. So, if you wish to give our team a little push to help them stay strong until the end or learn and discover new things on the way, follow our Olympic journey on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and BB blog.

What can we say except that we are berry lucky to be a part of this amazing event! Stay tuned for the upcoming adventures of the berryfull Olympic team! 





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