Luxury of freedom


Welcome to Pau – a Spanish sangria expert

If I would have a choice to have one dish, which would represent me as a person, it would be...

I like loads of things so maybe it would be a combined dish, which would have potatoes and chicken and salad and stuff.

If I was asked about coming back to BIG BERRY, I would say...

Yes, why not? I like the idea of the project that it’s building. It’s the first year, so who knows? I’d like to come back but not in the position of the intern.

The thing that makes me feel like home is...

I think that it’s not represented by the place, it’s represented by the people in my case. If I with people with who I can talk to, for me that’s all I need.

For me, BIG BERRY in 3 words is...

Luxury of freedom. Haha, I would say ‘peaceful, innovative and open-minded’.

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