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The Making of Coroflot's New Mobile Work Unit

This past week, our partners over at unveiled their brand new office on wheels, the Mobile Work Unit (MWU). The MWU is the result of's collaboration LOS OSOS, a Portland-based design studio known for designing creative retail, workplace, and exhibit environments.

The cheerful unit features polycarbonate siding, wood interiors, bench seating, an open office area, and a food prep station. Rounding out the space is the company's brand new logo on the front of the trailer.p

“The thing I’m most excited about is that the construction is post-and-beam, which alleviates the wall’s function as a structure. So I used polycarbonate as siding, which allows all this light to come in while offering an acoustical barrier.”

"Coroflot is a virtual community, but the connections between employers and people seeking work, those are real world connections. We felt it was important to introduce a real world component into what Coroflot does" —Coroflot Co-Founder, Eric Ludlum

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Companies are already started to work on new work environments. As you know, one of the first is BIG BERRY project. BIG BERRY's portable house is flexible to set its asset into a different type of accommodation. It is suitable to turn it into workplace or vacation place. BIG BERRY houses are ready to serve to companies and individual customers with its soft and easy to use Italian design. 



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