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Striking Lighting

KAT BAUMAN who is international Portland correspondent in her words introduced a new kind of lighting system that was invented by the collaboration of Marta Ayala Herrera and Cito Ballesta on

"The entire resulting project is a lovely synthesis of modern and contemporary thinking. The lighting, in particular, uses industrial materials and colors to surprising effect. With parts as simple as fluorescent tubing and bent perforated sheet steel, Herrera made spatial arrangement an almost physical ingredient in how the lights feel in the space. Alone or interlocked together, the lights play along X, Y, and Z axes, keeping the simple shapes as interesting and dynamic as the space they're meant to light. "

importance_of_details (2).jpg importance_of_details (1).jpg

As BIG BERRY we designed BIG BERRY house with heavy attention to details that vary from material usage to colors. Every detail was applied after discussion meetings that were happened between designer and master of house maker (people call Hosekra Group). Despite that, we keep working on new inventions to improve our products. Here we thought, one day we will use that lighting system.Why Not?


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