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Pasrons Making Center

" The Parsons School of Design Making Center, spanning 2 floors and 35,000SF, is a sprawling, dynamic hub for students to work side by side on projects as diverse as fashion, product design, architecture, printmaking - with the goal of “fostering a new generation of creators”. Milder Office worked closely with the Parsons School of Design team to develop furniture solutions that are durable, attractive and adaptable. Serving as both studio and classroom, with on-site training and technical support for a wide range of tools, the Making Center is sure to inspire collaboration across disciplines. Re-designed for a shop and maker environment, our Maker Series offers a robust reboot of the Milder Furniture System and includes tables in a variety of finishes including butcher block and Trespa, tool carts and mobile storage partitions units. All types are mobile, and the spaces are reconfigured throughout the day, at will, by both students and instructors as they like, offering a truly adaptable learning space.

Some two dozen oversized Mobile Storage Partitions are dispersed throughout the Making Center, providing a convenient whiteboard and display surface for instruction and class presentations. Some of the units serve as temporary storage for student projects and materials, while others are used by the instructors to store their class supplies securely. Despite their size, the MSP units are easy to move and are sometimes ganged to create temporary walls. "

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The collaboration of two different sides of industries is leading more productive and creative product in the design industry. BIG BERRY project brought two different styles and industry element to create something new and significant. The project was launched by Hosekra Group which is one of the most mobile house and mechanical subsidiary producer in the Europe and famous designer who put their signature to the significant project in their background. As BIG BERRY, we will keep going to follow making better and significant.



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