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Older siblings' Wallersee outlook

In this article our questions will be answered by Viktoria – Isabella’s older sister. Also from Wallersee, she is 3 years older than our first interviewee. Being an example in the family for the younger siblings, she undertook a master degree in the Netherlands, studying Bachelor of tourism. In the following rows, you will find out more about Wallersee from another point of view – a local, with international outlook in their late 20s.


Hi, Viktoria! Tell us a bit about you and Wallersee.
Usually Wallersee is the place I relate to when looking back at my secondary school years. When the school year was finished, I was always coming here for a week or two to stay with my grandma and play with the other children around. It was really nice.


What do you think is the reason people come here?
Ehm, I think the lake, haha. It is the main and only attraction here, but it also motivates people to undertake some physical activities also – running, cycling, walking.


How do you spend your free time here?
I either have it with my family or we gather a bunch of people and visit the local festival – Festspiele. Other times we just go to someone's house and party there. :)


What is the peak time for people?
Peak is during summer and maybe late spring months (dont ask me the specific time frame do not know now haha) but here nearby for instance we as I mentioned, there is Festspiele, an occasion that brings people together, which is also nice because every local meets each other.


Is there a huge difference between the season time and the non-touristic period?
Of course ,haha. In the winter one could say it is not lively, haha. They are only the old people that are residing there in the cold time.


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