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Obscure Furniture Design History

As BIG BERRY we believe product story and when we were surfing on the internet we noticed some renaissance style furniture on Core77. Shannon Rogers who is designer and woodworker made an introduction of renaissance products from different designers. First furniture comes from relative designers Dunlap's, "The Dunlaps worked primarily during the Rococo or Chippendale period, so being in New England we would expect detailed, asymmetric carvings, massive structures with lower centers of gravity and powerful ambiance like this Highboy built in Boston around 1750. (I took this picture at the Winterthur Museum by the way.)

The Dunlap cabinetry style adds an element of whimsy with unique and elaborate carvings unlike anything we see coming out of New England at the time. In some ways the ornamentation harkens back to a Baroque style. Basket-woven galleries and almost Celtic-derived scrollwork adorn the tops and bottoms of the cases. A signature flowered ogee molding is seen as a punctuation mark between elements, and upon closer examination seems to be a minimalist version of architectural egg-and-dart moldings.

Here is another example is taken from Paul Rulli's website. Notice the somewhat disproportionate upper and lower cases. "

History is in collaboration with stories of products. In BIG BERRY, there is a story of every product that provides a benefit for our guest.


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