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Meet our partner Boštjan Kočevar, founder of Kmetija Kočevar industrial hemp company

"The most important thing at work is to go with a smile", said Boštjan Kočevar, during a pleasant morning the interview  which took place in a charming wine place in Metlika. This affirmation can certainly tell a lot about Kočo, how he is kindly known in Bela krajina, once he always welcome people in his business  with a big smile.

Kočo, goes every saturday morning to a traditional market in Metlika where he sells all kinds of different products related to industrial cannabis: creams, soaps, cookies, bread and many more. He loves what he is doing since he was a child.

Kočo remembers with a face of satisfaction his childhood when he always tried to buy things and sell them at a higher price to get a benefit. But not only has he been a salesman, but he has also done a multitude of different jobs throughout his life, such as: salesman for more than 30 years, worked in a printing press, in a textile products company, selling and buying houses, giving lectures, selling mattress, creams and clothes, selling financial products for people to invest money and still many more. But without a doubt, the one that perhaps remembers with more affection and nostalgia was his three seasons as forest ranger since in that work he did not have any kind of stress and was in contact with nature one of his great passions.

And perhaps most of his commercial work is due to his studies: economics. He comments in a funny way as his parents forced him to study that career since he did not want at first: to be forced to work 8 hours locked in an office in front of a computer? Not for Kočo for whom the best part of his current job is in his garden that he cares with care and dedication.

Going into more detail on how the person is described in a fiery way as different no better or worse to anyone but “different”. Proof of this we have in his way of understanding life and way of living connected with nature and being able to help and make others happy without forgetting to start by himself.

One of the anecdotes that he remembers most of when he was 13 years old at school, the teacher sent him to the principal's office. Kočo tells us how he was scared for what motive it was he had to go, "What would I have done now?" he asked himself. His surprise was when the director proposed to him to be Santa Klaus for the children of the school. He remembers it with affection because the director trusted him and his acting skills to perform that function. And he did it successfully since he repeated it after about 13 years, making all the children in the school happy one of his passions.

As we tried to learn more about his business, he told as that he started in 2013,  in the cannabis industry began one day that he attended a lecture about cannabis and his interest began to such an extent that he set up his own business. One of his greatest strengths in his mind his strengths are his mind and among his weak points perhaps his emotions as a good sign of the Leo zodiac that he is.

Among their future aspirations on the hemp industry are to get and fight because some day the benefits of this industry will be recognized by the government while also seeing the market grow in other countries such as Croatia and Germany. Many projects our partner has in mind for these coming years as for example being the future mayor of the city of Metlika, "and for sure I'm going to be the major one day" he said smiling but really persuasive about that.

Among the secrets of his success, he does not have to think much about the answer: "the person that I can see every morning in the mirror, my son and the mother of my son are the source of the success that I have today". As a good economist about the current situation in his job, he says that he is exactly 93% satisfied with the goal of achieving 100% and we can not agree more that he is on the way to achieving it.

About BIG BERRY Kočo showed us how the place where it is located is undoubtedly one of the great pearls of Bela krajina: Kolpa River EDEN destination. He remembers how our colleague Ana one day found him in a market of Bela krajina, in which he usually goes to sell his products, with the idea of knowing his business and offering to be a BIG BERRY partner. After listen all the conditions he finally agreed to be a BB Partner as he considers  it as a good opportunity for local companies to promote their services together and combine synergies.

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