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Meet our partner Aleksander Riznič, known as “Sašo” –Manager of Radio Odeon

BIG BERRY partners are much more than just companies! Bearing that in mind, we make an effort to show it to our readers from the point of view of the people who are making all the difference.

Aleksander Riznič, known as “Sašo” is the general manager of Radio Odeon, which means that he manages the station's programme and oversees different departments, as well as the radio’s team. Commenting his function Sašo said that he is able to change few positions in few hours; “I can be the boss, owner, cleaning lady, janitor, speaker, editor, …”.

 As he remembered his childhood, strong emotions and good memories overwhelmed him. In his early years, he discovered his passion for music. As the love for the music grew and grew, he chose to study classical piano at the American Institute of Musical Studies in Vienna. Being a huge a music lover, Aleksander started showing interest for working at the radio station.

Working at a local radio station opened his eyes to so many new genres. He enjoys listening to the latest, greatest bands and discovering new musicians. He feels proud of the radio and web news station business because of the unbiassed and independent character. Our partner is thankful to have gotten the opportunity to work at the radio and is more than happy to share his experiences with us.

Even though, Aleksander is in charge of a lot of duties daily, that doesn’t mean he is not doing other things, some of which are quite surprising. What could be more interesting than a fire fighter? Being a fireman in Črnomelj doesn’t mean that he has two jobs simultaneously, due to the fact that in Slovenia, fire brigade is made up of volunteers and professional fire fighters. This is a clear example of discipline, enthusiasm, commitment and devotion of our partner. Although he is all the time on move, he feels quite young, full of energy and enthusiasm, as well as always ready to work hard.

Our partner is extremely productive and has such limited free time, but it doesn’t mean that he can’t find time for some activities. In his free time, he loves travelling around the world; and he’s especially passionate for searching cheap flight tickets. He also enjoys making photos and videos, as well as reading books. His favourite book is "4 hours Working Week" by Timothy Ferriss, a wonderful book, among other things, on being consistent with your work!

Having his hands full with all the activities he’s doing, he also dares to dream. One of his biggest dreams is to make Bela krajina, the region where he was born and raised, a green destination in various aspects such as tourism, environment, waste and traffic.

With being such a prominent figure in the community, and dreaming big, it’s no wonder that Sašo was more than glad to accept BIG BERRY as Radio Odeon’s partner. As he explained, he knew everything about the idea of BIG BERRY: “Bela krajina is so small, that we know about every change that is happening in our local community”.

For Aleksander BIG BERRY is a great idea; connecting local people to make a good product together. He expressed his satisfaction with the idea of BIG BERRY and with the way that it’s expanding. Finally, when asked about the idea of partnership with BIG BERRY, he replied: “So far, so good!”

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