Luxury of freedom


Meet our fabulous and weird "Zmaj" Maja

Credits: Nita Zeqiri

How I would describe myself by drawing…

BBberries BB Maja

What EPIC means to me…

One and only, Bertrand Marie Combe Laboissière. Like a scale, from 0 to Bernie.

If I would have a superpower…

I would use it. A lot. As I use one which I already have.

I wish I have superpower of constant energy and that I never get tired. And a power of being on few places at the same time, some kind of multiplication. So I can watch all movies, be on all concerts, travel to all places, be with all people, eat all food and at the same time to relax in a hammock somewhere deep in the woods, on coldish summer day with a glass of lemonade with ice and some EPIC book. And to do yoga all day (and be super-focused).

What I would do if I would gain 10 million euros…

When I gain 10 million euros my bank will be happy :D

I would do everything as I do now, only thing what would change is the amount of money which I would have on my bank account. And I would travel all the time and eat smart/eco/bio/GF food on the most delicious restaurants in most amazing places. And I would have a huge vehicle to take with me all the people I love the most.

Why Justin Bieber is my favourite singer…

Well, this is not true, but he is surely turning from artificial pop-star into something different and definitely more interesting. We will talk about him in few years.

Besides eating berries and cherries all time, I like…

To do yoga and to travel. Actually, I’m on a constant run for my sense of freedom. That’s why I’m here in BIG BERRY, to see if I can find my freedom in this, for me, very unusual but still extremely attractive concept of this LUXURY OF FREEDOM.

The most EPIC concert I have ever been is…

I LOVE concerts and music (and all other) festivals! One of my favourite concerts would be: Radiohead in Milano in 2008.; Einstruzende Neubauten in Zagreb, 2008.; Mouse on Mars in Zagreb in 2009., every Repetitor concert (but maybe one in Rijeka, 2009. was the best); Nosaj Thing in Rijeka, 2009.; TV On The Radio in Zagreb, 2011.; Sigur Ros in Zagreb, 2017.; The Cardigans in Zagreb, 2017. and all Massive Attack concerts.

An EPIC band that I would recommend you listen to…

Repetitor from Belgrade.

If you had the opportunity to become a president of the Universe, what would you do?

I would 1) create justice system in which everyone will have same human rights, right for free education, medical care and that everyone have same (and big) salary; 2) make a law that working week lasts 4 days and that people are obligated to enjoy life as much as they can; 3) obligatory 1 visit to museums, 3 movies per week, 2 concerts per week and tons of hugs per day. And only good, healthy and smart food available to everyone.

The last sentence I would say at an interview would be…

Like a note to everyone who will read this - be good to yourself and to people around you, because they are your universe and enjoy creating it in a good way.


Interview realized by The Magnificent and The Greatest Bertrand Marie Patrick Combe Laboissière

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