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Meet Iva - our Yoga Master from Croatia

If I'd have a chance to become a character of any book for a day, it would be…

Peter Pan. Obviously because of flying. I would really like to fly, at least for one day. And also all these characters from this book, they are living in the Wonderland, where everything is possible. At the same time, they managing to keep this young childish spirit inside, which I really like and wouldn’t like to loose it.


Most of all in BIG BERRY I like doing…

Organization of events. Something like interacting with people, talking to them, making connections…


The 3 things I take to every trip…

Phone, lip balm, and comfortable shoes.


When I first heard about BIG BERRY…

I didn't know what to expect. So, when I came here I was totally unprepared. But now I really like it here! I like that we are working on random tasks. For me, it's a good opportunity, because I can try a lot of different things. 


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