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Mastermind from Klemen Vitkovic

This weekend’s Mastermind at BIG BERRY was executed by Klemen Vitkovic - The man known mainly from Mladinski Center Bit in Črnomelj. In his two lessons in front of the BIG BERRY team and guests, he presented a few topics that had to do with organizing ourselves and being able to prioritize the right events.

In the first day, Klemen asked the participants to express their feelings towards Bela Krajina. Each of them had to write 1 thing that they like and another one they don’t in the region. It made us realize that even though we are quite different from each other, we yet share many similarities. While the “negative” column was fun to read due to the various answers given, the “positive” one shared the same thing – liking for the local people.

Consequently, Klemen brought the subject to a psychological level. He asked the spectators about their lessons, what they have learnt from their recent experiences so far and how would they use this eventually. He also asked them about their goals, what they would like to achieve in the future and what is the reason behind their desires. Moreover, he got deeper into the professional part of BIG BERRY, by incenting the team to think over the process of work in the company – what is going well and what might be improved eventually for a better and smoother development. His lessons made it easier for us to look at our wishes from a different angle and realize what we are indeed working for in both professional and personal way.

BIG thank you to Klemen from the entire BIG BERRY team for his time in Primostek, sharing his experiences and teaching us all those simple, yet not so easy to manage things.


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