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Marjan Laznik - photographer

Taking beautiful pictures seems to be quite long as your name is Marjan Laznik. Marjan started photgraphy as a hobby 35 years ago and was able to make it his profession 10 years ago. Ever since he captures beautiful scenarios with his camera and shares his experience in photography classes and workshops. Checking the scenario, taking a quick look to the light, jumping to the right position and CLICK - one charming picture after another...that's how easy Marjan makes photography look. Certainly, 35 of experience and talent pay off.

Marjan came all the way from Maribur to join Big Berry activities for one weekend and to give them a professional frame. See for yourself what Marjan experienced at our Big Berry happenings.

You want pictures like that? Visit Marjans website or give him a call: +386 590 10 282 or +386 41 670 205. 



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