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Marc Bell-The French fashion designer

After years of studying and working in various versatile environments overseas, Marc Bell finally launched his own clothing brand “Ethnic Revival” in June 2017. Passionate about international cooperation, youth work, corporate social responsibility, fashion and cultural diversity - the French designer has found a way to include all those fundamental aspects in his business model, and the result speaks for itself.

Through organizing social projects abroad Bell was able to understand the culturally diverse local population and discover traditional fabrics. All the fabrics purchased and the local artisans who contributed were paid at an ethical price, in respect towards the local community, before exporting and selling the finished masterpiece.

From Turkey, Armenia, Morocco over Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria till Brazil and back to France; Marc Bell has been inspired by the people he met along his trip around the world. The trace of colours of the houses, music, food and trends can be seen in his creations.

A good example that the world is a playground in which people can gather to play together, have so much fun, and most importantly to contribute to the preservation and celebration of the diversity of cultures.

Photo by: bigberry


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