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Luka Kužnik – the guy who makes sure that BIG BERRY's berries progressing well

Luka Kužnik is an agronomist, assistant head of the Club Gaia and leader of “Zeleni Zmaj”. He studied Agronomy at the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana, direction Phytomedicine. He graduated with on biological plant protection and after that he was employed in the agricultural pharmacies as the person responsible for the sale of plant protection products.

Later on, he decided to set up an independent path with exotic plant nursery. There he plants a little less known berries, fruit trees and herbs that have many medicinal properties, are undemanding for education and suitable for organic production. He is also the co-founder of the first plantation of strawberries grown in Slovenia, wrote numerous articles in gardening magazines, and provider of lectures and workshops on the care and education of the plant.

In the BIG BERRY we’re very pleased to have Luka, professional person who is deeply in love with his job, to take care of our berries.

Read more about Luka here .


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