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Jasmina Bator - Camouflage bodypainting at Big Berry Camp

We kicked off the weekend with a very special bodypainting event here at BIG BERRY camp. Artist, Jasmina Bator, came for a short vacation from Zagreb, Croatia for both business and pleasure. She was kind enough to offer her time and talent to make a truly amazing creation with our human model, Jasmina Štefanič... read our interview with the artist herself to find out more!

To see more photos from the photoshoot CLICK HERE

Firstly, thank you for such a cool event yesterday. We 're really excited to see the finished photos. How do you feel about the bodypainting session from yesterday? Did you achieve what you wanted?

Well in these 5 years since I've gotten into bodypainting I've never had the opportunity to do camouflage bodypainting. Since I'm always trying to emprove myself, I'm never really satisfied with my work. There is always space to do something better or more details to add. The main difference between classic canvas painting and bodypainting is that I have in front of me a living, breathing canvas. So, I have limited time to work or... more like torture my poor model.

Would you consider time restraints to be the hardest part of the bodypainting process?

Well the whole process is exciting... the idea  and enthusiasm over how it's going to look in the end is enough to make the whole process my favorite. But, that moment when you realized that there is still more to do and you don't have any more time for fine details...that's always the toughest moment for me.

And what do you hope to do with bodypainting in the future?

For now I just wish to create some sort of project were I can connect bodypaint with music, dance, and theatre. So, we'll see what that ends up being.

And so I leave you with an ending quote from our artist, “I enjoy mixing my art so as not to just document what I've done but to compliment my creation“. This is the kind of message we encourage here at BIG BERRY: do something fun, something different, and above all, enjoy!

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