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Janko Guštin - BIG BERRY's Fitness Coach

Kontra! Jače! Dodirni mi kolena! Bam bam bam!

It's the motivating voice of Janko Guštin that the BIG BERRY team is waking up to every morning. Honestly, sometimes it is difficult to leave the warm and cozy bed, but as soon as we see Janko smiling at us we are ready! Janko, from our partner Muay Thai Gym Direct, comes to the camp every other morning to get us moving...rope skipping, shadow boxing, muscle strengthening and stretching...he knows how to wake us up. Every time he does not come to the camp we go to the gym where Janko prepares us for weight lifting with Daniel, another Gym Direct Coach. 

But Janko, or should we say McJanko, is so much more for Metlika than a fitness coach. He was the first one to offer hamburgers at Vinska Vigred, the local wine festival, and is known as McJanko around here ever since. At this year's Vinska Vigred he had his premiere as the mascot which he performed great! What a surprise for BIG BERRY when the Vinska Vigred mascot greeted us with a loud "HEY, BIG BERRY!"...

Metlika would not be the same without McJanko...and BIG BERRY neither!



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