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Interview with Sorina - the receptionist at La Scoica Land

1. How can the potential tourists reach you?

What is the usual way to get in touch with La Scoica Land?

The tourists can reach us via E-Mail, via Phone, on Facebook, and on The usual way to reach us is via E-Mail.  

2. Where are main tourists groups come from?

The main groups of tourist are coming from Romania.

3. Do you have also tourist from somewhere else?

Yes, there is a group of tourists from America. They are coming each year and this is a group of 20 people. And also there are some people from Greece, but they are working here.

4. What is the tendency of tourism categories, e.g., hotel, spa´s, resorts?

I think it is just hotels at the moment.

5. Do you see any potential for mobile houses tourism in the future?

Yes, maybe for the future. At this time all the tourists made their reservation for the hotel.

6. How many bookings did you receive for the Blue Berry house last season and this season?

Last season we had three reservations/bookings and this year we have just one, but they will stay for two months in total.

7. Is the booking for the Blue Berry going well or do you see any potential, which wasn´t seen yet?

The booking for the Blue Berry house is going very well, as I said we had someone, who stayed here for three months last year. And we also have a family who is coming here to stay for two months this season.

8. Would you like to live in the Blue Berry house? Why “yes” or “no”?

Yes, of course. It is very quiet and it looks very well. Such house in a forest would be very nice.

9. Just imagine, you have one house from BIG BERRY, where would you put it and why?

I would place it in a forest because it is so quiet. 

10. Our slogan is “Luxury of Freedom”, what does it mean to you?

I think “Freedom” is the best word to describe the houses from BIG BERRY because you can place it anywhere you want to and “Luxury” because it looks very nice and very modern.


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