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Interview with Iany Lascu - owner of La Scoica Land

1. What are the most popular types of tourism (e.g., hotels, spa & resorts etc.) right now in Mamaia in your opinion?

In my opinion, the most popular will be the hotels right now.

2. If you’d have a chance to create your own concept of hotel/resort/etc. from the beginning, what would it be?

Ok, it would be a resort, how do we have it. It would be very convenient, with two stores. I also would place more houses like the Blue Berry around the lakeshore.

3. What are the activities and events guests can have around the area?

Around the area, you have the clubs at the Beach. We also organized in our complex different events, concerts, and theaters. There is the beach or you can do sightseeing both in Mamaia and in Constanta.

4. Do you have partnerships and which kind of partnerships with local producers do you have for the restaurant?

We already have partnerships with local producers. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday they provide us with fresh vegetables. Also, eggs and the meat is Romanian. Everything is fresh and nothing is frozen. Fish also is from the company Delta, also from Romania, too.

5. How did you find out about BIG BERRY?

Actually, I don't know. My brother was involved in the entire process. I was not even in the country at this moment.

6. How is the Blue Berry House connected to your hotel and your concept?

Our hotel is not the classic one, like going to the reception and then to your room. You are going in from the outside; it is even more like a motel.
It fits perfectly with the BIG BERRY concept because it's very similar.

7. Would you like to live in the Blue Berry house? Why yes or no?

Yes, I would like, because of two different reasons: the First one is how it placed in the complex. I brought my friends there and all of them were amazed by the view on the Lake when you wake up and go to the porch to have a coffee. And second: The house is small, but you have everything that you need. There is a bathroom, it is not too much, but not too little.

8. Just imagine, you have one house from BIG BERRY, where would you place it and why?

I would place it on the other site of the Lake or near the clubs at the Beach, so you have a short way to the clubs. Or like the Cabanas on the Maldives, because their concept is similar to this one.

9. Our slogan is “Luxury of Freedom”, what does it mean to you? 

The luxury of Freedom means to me, to be in nature, where it is quiet and not too much noise. Away from the hectic city life. Let´s say a small corner of paradise.


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