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Interview with Anitta - tourist from Austria

1. Why did you choose this destination for your holidays?

We already visited Romania twice and we liked it very much here. This time we
decided to discover a new destination - Mamaia Beach, we never been here before and
now we are here.

2. What is your favourite attraction here?

Actually, we arrived here for two days only, but we drove with the cable car - Telegondola
Mamaia, and for us is this attraction the favourite one - at the moment.
3. Would you like to live in a mobile house like the Blue Berry?

Yes, of course, why not? It is small and you can place it everywhere.

4. Do you like the location of the Blue Berry house or would you place it somewhere else?

I liked it very much, I wouldn't place it somewhere else. There, you have a perfect view on
the Lake.

5. Just imagine, you have one house from BIG BERRY, where would you put it and why?

I would place it in Austria in Zwettl. It´s my hometown and the perfect place for me.

6. Would you like to come back?

Yes, for sure. We are in Romania for the 3rd time and we are coming back for sure. We like
to spend our holidays here.

7. Our slogan is “Luxury of Freedom”, what does it mean to you?

For me, it means don´t have to work anymore and just enjoy the life!


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