Luxury of freedom


Hello to Justas – the Lithuanian photo genius

If I could meet a historical person from any time and any country, I would choose...

Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre. He introduced what was the first publicly available photographic process, and for nearly twenty years it was the one most commonly used. I would try to understand better what photography was for him and how he imagined it in the future. 

If I would be asked whether I am a sweet or salty person, I would say...

I am a sweet person, but I am trying to find the balance between sweets and salty things, cause I starting to notice that I am eating too many sweet things, and that concerns me. 

The song which I'll be listening to even in 50 years is...

I couldn’t choose one song. I listen so many different stuff and styles that will follow me for the rest of my life besides new songs that I discover every day. 

I want to learn from BIG BERRY...

Some business discipline and self-discipline, because I feel that I lack this personal trait.

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