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Healthy body and mind with Dušan

After growing up surrounded by nature and animals in Metlika, Dušan set off to his country's capital Ljubljana to study law and criminology. Soon his university major became less important to him as he discovered and started studying the world of water and sounds. Dušan knows about the benefits of sounds and has passion for educating others about it. Good energy  is essential for his body which made him a passionate practicioner of Yoga and Thai Chi. He leads Yoga classes and organizes music events that resonate with his passion for sounds and talent for playing handmade musical instruments such as gong and didgeridoo.

Through a friend from Novo Mesto, Dušan was introduced to Ghee. Ghee is a purified butter with many health benefits which already ancient Indians knew about. In the beginning he produced his home-made Ghee as a present for family, friends and participants of his Yoga classes. The positive feedback gave him the initial kick to start his business Zlati Ghee, which he operates with a bunch of friends. The different flavors of Zlati Ghee are choosen according to Dušan's personal needs he feels for his body. To give you an example SeGhee is flavored with delicious and healthy sesame seeds.

Zlati Ghee is available in 200 different shops by now but that is not the end of the story. Within his business, Dušan takes care of six cows in a way every vegan would approve and dreams of opening the first animal sanctuary in Slovenia for cows that have done their part for people's businesses. On one of the rare days Dušan is not busy with his job and business, he enjoys physical activity in nature and spending a quality time with animals.

Recently, Dušan visited BIG BERRY and during a Zlati Ghee picnic played the moon gong which everyone enjoyed. We hope to see him back soon with more organic ghee and Yoga classes.


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