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Gregor Simonič - sparkling wine expert

As one of our partners, Gregor Simonič visited the BIG BERRY camp last week to share the delicious sparkling wine his family produces. Gregor is a true expert when it comes to sparkling wines since he basically grew up watching his father during the production process and, to make it official, wrote his master thesis about sparkling wine. So, when Gregor starts talking about the production process, which is more expensive and time-consuming than for still wine, the different kinds of sparkling wine and the secrets of how to enjoy each kind in the best way, you know you can rely on that.

Gregor mostly produces wine side by side with his father and together they created 10 different kinds of sparkling wine, each having it's own characteristics. Outstanding are for example the honey sparkling wine, which is made completey from honey flour and tastes not as overwhelmingly sweet as we would have expected, or "Poseidon", the sparkling wine that ages 30 meters under the sea surface  and is therefore the most natural sparkling wine they offer or, not to forget, the sparkling wine with gold leaves, that make you feel truly fancy when drinking it. But what makes the Semič sparkling wine truly special is the loving and highly qualitative production process. Each bottle of sparkling wine has passed Gregor's or his father's hands about 10 times before being sold in a big supermarket chain throughout Slovenia or in their own wine cellar.

Thank you Gregor for your time and wine...and, let's share the secret: Sparkling wine is the best when consumed at a temperature of six to eight degrees celcius.



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