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Furniture Design in the Wild: How to Make a Bushcraft Chair

'' This would be a great first-year Industrial Design school problem: Drop the students off in the woods, give them their choice of two tools and two materials to bring, and have them make a functional piece of furniture out of whatever they can find.

Here the unnamed Swedish gent behind the North Survival YouTube channel shows you how he builds a "bushcraft" chair using a saw, a knife, twine and rope. Despite the minimal kit, he's able to fashion crude joinery. (Note that this video is from several years ago, before his channel took off, and he was apparently trying to be anonymous; thus he is inadvisably wearing a rather creepy mask, a decision he wisely abandoned in later videos.) ''

Here at BIG BERRY, BB Houses were built by the products that belongs to nature. Our concepts allow us to use minimalist, gentle, eco-friendly products.


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