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Bostjan Kočevar enjoying Vinska Vigred 2016

Of course BIG BERRY does not miss out on Vinska Vigred 2016. It is the greatest opportunity to experience Bela krajina's vibe and spirit, to enjoy wine and pogača and to meet people. For BIG BERRY that means meeting partners that are friends...and naturally we ran into Bostjan, our charming hemp-guy - as we call him. He was so into the vibe of Vinska Vigred and excited to see us that he showed of his new dance moves. Bostjan is the best example for the benefits of his hemp products. The flour, the oil, the tea and the liquer just make you healthy and happy...and keep you grooving just like Bostjan. Read more about his delicious creations with hemp here. BIG BERRY loves it.



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