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BIG BERRY's lovely neighbours

Just as a Hungarian saying says, good neighbour's are a true treasure, BIG BERRY is lucky to have such great neighbour's. They are important to BIG BERRY as we can learn so much from them about Primostek and, let's be honest, everyone needs help once in a while. BIG BERRY wants to be part of the Primostek community and contribute to the group dynamics. So, after bonding with the cows on the fields for weeks, it was time to get to know our human neighbours and to introduce us as the new ones. That is why we took a walk, brought berries and smiles and invited everyone to a little getting-together in our camp. 

With the help of our beloved partners VIZIR Brewery  and Malnarič Winery as well as Andreja from Gostlina Veselič,  we hosted a relaxed and fun evening and were happy to present us and the camp to our neigbours. We really hope they had such a good time as we had. 

Cheers to a good neighborliness!



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