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BB is Winning by Sharing – with the "Hands in Need" Event

For the next 2 weeks BIG BERRY is collecting the stories of locals, travelers, and members of the community to help local Slovenian charities. In exchange for your stories, we’ll be compiling them on our social media platforms and presenting them at our final "Hands in Needs" charity event at the end of the month. Make sure to stay tuned for more event details.

We’re calling YOU to tell us your story. As an observer, recount a moment you either saw strangers helping one another or an experience where a stranger helped you. BIG BERRY wants to show that random acts of kindness happen every day, in the simplest most unnoticed ways that make “strangers”, friends. You can also tell a story about a moment that you helped a stranger that changed you or affected you in some way. The story can be short or long but, most importantly, it needs to fall into one of the 3 categories explained above and include a photo that you feel best suites the story. Share your story with our Intern Hang at [email protected] by August 31st. Be a part of the campaign and inspire the community by letting your own stories be heard with BIG BERRY! 


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