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Andreja Veselič - Master of Action

If you are in Metlika you cannot not know or at least heard of her - Andreja Veselič, owner of Gostišče Veselič, one of BIG BERRY's most favorite restaurants. Andreja is a human information center - when you go to her guesthouse, where she welcomes you like you have been in and out for years already and truly makes you feel like you are visiting a friend, she will have an answer to any of your questions. May it be about Slovenia, Bela krajina or Metlika...she knows it all. She will teach you how to bake belokranjska pogača or will guide you through a wine tasting with five senses. 

Andreja is one of the most active persons you will ever meet. Besides the time-consuming job in her family-traditional guesthouse, she engages herself in many other activities. She volunters in the management board of the local tourist societe, called Turistično Društvo Vigred Metlika, that organises Vinska Vigred, the biggest event in Metlika, and in the management board of the touris societe of Slovenia, called Turistična Zveza Slovenije as well as in the management board of local tourist guides. Last but not least, she also is part of the vine lovers club, called Klub Prijateljev Metliške črnine and of the local chamber of crafts, called Območna Obrtna Zbornica Metlike.

Andreja is the impersonation of Slovenia's hospitality and friendliness. For BIG BERRY she is one of the local attractions in Metlika.



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