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Aeris Airport Seating

You have only a few minutes to reach the boarding in the airport, you are walking like running and carrying your luggage. You are repeating the words:"Please, don't go!" Bump! You lost it, it is on clouds.

Are you familiar this kind of horror movies? If you are a real traveler, you faced many times this kind of situation? So then what are your options? You can go back to the hotel, but probably they will say: "We are all full, sir! We cannot host you!" So what then? There is only one way to make a new check in and waiting in the airport. This waiting sometimes can take more than a day. That means you will sleep in the airport. But where? Many international airports have their own hostel/hotels on the airport campus but they are so expensive. So then? You will sleep in the airport... :D

When you meet a real traveler, you hear this kind of stories every time. Maybe you are thinking that where people can sleep in the airport? In this case, many travelers never care the place they just need a space above the floor. Yes, we are describing airport seats.

Today, we introduce a New York-based design seating from Aeris. The designer of Aeris made it flexible, connect and robust. Beside many current airport seats, Aeris have power and USB connectivity that was combined with 5 seats. These five seats have the flexibility to extend it from both parts.

When we see the photos of Aeris, we wished that one day every airport have an Aeris seats to host or let them /to sleep.


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