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A New Design Sofa

Core77 was made a promotion about a new kind of designed sofa that was recently produced by a Swedish firm. The sofa has large wooden buttons that allow yu to put different accessory attachment. Having the ergonomic structure, being user-friendly and lively furniture looks like a priority of the product.

On the other hand, when we saw the sofa, we noticed that we are looking at a typical Scandinavian design. The sofa will be introduced at this month's Stockholm Furniture Fair and the visitor will find chance to touch and feel this ergonomic, user-friend sofa.

In BIG BERRY, we really take care of user-friendly and ergonomic designed product. As we mentioned before, BIG BERRY was designed on Italian minimalist style. We aimed to put everything to a small cup and according to reaction for our concept, we believe that we did something unique and successful.


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