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3D Houses

Now 3D printing has become more affordable and efficient, Chinese funeral machines are starting to use 3D technology to speed up labor-intensive recreation. Restructuring was often achieved using familiar modeling materials such as wax, rubber cement, plaster, paint, and delicate hand sewing.

A full face can be printed in just 12 hours with fast progressive detail in both scan and print resolution. And thanks to the progress made by the government's 101 Institute, a single 2D photo of the 3D model can be developed. Partial restructuring takes less time. These techniques can update the long-standing applications to modify the limbs and their defective features, and they can be sterilized to some degree.

Now you are probably thinking that what kind of news they published here but please read more lines. As BIG BERRY, one day we are eager to see 3D printed houses. We believe that if humanity is capable of creating 3D printed face they can create houses :D Have you ever imagined this cool thing before? The BIG BERRY houses that were printed by 3D machine and located along the Kolpa River. woww :D :D



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