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2nd BIG BERRY Chef - Syu Poropat came to occupy our kitchen!

Vegetarian, pastry lover and perfectionist, those are the three adjectives that best describe the Slovenian chef Syu Poropat, the second cook that occupied the BIG BERRY kitchen last weekend, on the 6th and 7th of May, at BIG BERRY Kolpa River.

This time Syu enchanted us with a dessert and a vegan main course. It was so delicate! She is a really great cook and she works at 5 starts Restavracija Hotela Marina Izola kitchen! She has also won many prizes as a chef.

We were delighted to have this talent in our kitchen!


BIG BERRY Forest Path. Or we can call it BIG BERRY treasure!

Summer time for us is the time when we go to Beal Krajina’s forests and pick different kind of berries we have around. Our cook surprised us with a delicious summer berry dessert and called it BIG BERRY Forest path. It tastes wonderful - light and fruity... Berrrrry! A real summer dessert, so to say. The fresh herbs’ flavour and the gentle touch of Berryshka liquor almost reminds you of a summer cocktail. Ahh... Makes us feel slightly dizzy..! All those aromas… It smells, looks and tastes like heaven!


We LOVE IT! And our partner BERRYSHKA loved it too! Furthermore, Danilo Pavlovič surprised them with Kmetja Pavlovič’s strawberry wine! It fit so perfectly and made this time and dessert even more memorable...

They were sitting outside at the table, talking and enjoying the dessert and the beautiful Kolpa river views together. It was so lovely to see those happy people! Such a good vibes…

Honestly everything was magical... That is BIG BERRY Experience!..

Recipe, all the secrets of this dessert - here.

Video how to cooks it see - here.



BIG BERRY Vegan main course.

  1. Smoked Tofu with Kadaif & Potatoes’, Nutmeg puree

  2. Salads with avocado cream & mushrooms

A healthy, heart-warming and delicious meal. Honestly... It didn't need meat to be crazy flavorful..! It’s the best for vegans and vegetable lovers!


Bright green peas, asparagus, avocados and other fresh vegetables in this vegan main course are the perfect way to live up your meal. We received fresh ingredients for salads from our reliable Bela Krajina partner Kmetja Pavlovič.

A wonderful smell of nutmeg, coconut butter and other flavors made this dish just perfect...  Full of freshness, good vibes and spirit, accompanied by a glass of Bela Krajina wine, made a perfect and happy meal for lunch or supper.

See recipe and find out more about this dish here.

Watch video about this amazing dish here.



It was wonderful to see Syu Poropat cooking for us.

She used wonderful combinations and brought fantastic ideas to her meals using local products, berries and vegetables.

As part of the BB Chef program, Syu also attended a wide range of activities. She arrived at BIG BERRY on Friday (5th), accompanied by her friend and assistant Lara Vizler, who is also a cook. Syu had lunch at  GOSTILNA MÜLLER, a BIG BERRY partner located in Čeronomelj. Right after the meal, Syu had spent some good time at TIK-TAK Cafe, another BB partner, where she had the mission to choose flavors for BIG BERRY’s ice-creams. Together with the TIK-TAK chefs, they created BIG BERRY flavor ice-creams.  Everybody can now taste the special ice-creams at TIK-TAK Café or at BIG BERRY, Kolpa river Resort.

And that’s not all! She also had the opportunity to taste wines and to visit the wine fields of our respectable wine partner Šuklje and visit BERRYSHKA. She used this company liquors while she was preparing the dessert and had the chance to visit this company and check all the production they have.

Maybe this entire experience will inspire Syu Poropat for other creations!




BIG BERRY CHEF Cooks will share their experiences and keep coming back every week! Don‘t forget to follow the news and try recipes at home! Find out about our project more!


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