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21 days of magic

It is time to start believing in the magic of the numbers.

Did you know that it takes at least 21 days to form a habit? 

It is proven scientifically! In the 1960s, plastic surgeon Maxwell Matz described that it took his patients 21 days to get accustomed to their new appearance or to stop feeling a "phantom limb". 21 days is the time it takes for stem cells to differentiate into new neurons in the brain. And don’t forget about 21 days of emotional biorhythms! 

BIG BERRY has proven the same thing this summer. Our Dienaar family from the Netherlands, parents with two amazing kids and the dog from the Netherlands spent at BIG BERRY 20 days. During this time the team really grew accustomed to the guests.

Markus and Feline became great friends with the interns and spent a lot of their time with BB berries doing daily chores. From helping around BB Chef events to watching every movie in the open-air cinema, the little ones understood what BIG BERRY is all about but there was just 1 thing missing to put the button to it – 1 more day and the power of 21 to do its’ magic.

That is why BIG BERRY decided to give Markus, Feline, Mireille and Darius one more night on Kolpa River to complete the experience!

This magical act symbolizes the start of the new BIG BERRY project – #21daysproject during which BIG BERRY will reveal all secrets and mysteries of how to genuinely live through the BIG BERRY lifestyle. 

Follow BIG BERRY on a new journey through 21 days challenges to show 3 different company’s business pillars – FEEL, JOIN & CREATE. Feel as an individual, join as an entrepreneur and create only BIG.

3 weeks, 3 pillars, 3 perspectives. Hey, doesn’t 2 + 1 equals 3?

Let BIG BERRY be your favorite habit.


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