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1st BIG BERRY Chef - Jure Pečarič, recipes and much more!


Becoming a better cook is a lifelong journey… That’s why BIG BERRY this year started the season with a new project: BIG BERRY Chef! Now BIG BERRY is the go-to destination for food lovers in search of recipes inspiration!

Our first Master Chef - Jure Pečarič, a cook from Bela Krajina, the owner and chef of Gostilna Pečarič restaurant.  We were delighted to have this Master Chef cooking 2 dishes for us during our opening event. BIG BERRY Pork fillet with asparagus pure and BIG BERRY Polenta breakfast were fantastic!

In both dishes our cook Jure used products from the local partners. All the special ingredients gave a unique touch and unforgettable flavors you never find anywhere else. Can you imagine chocolate and strawberries flavor paired with pork fillet? Or Polenta with Bela Krajina bees honey?

Our respectable partner Kmetija Pavlovič gave us pleasure to pick and use fresh, high quality local strawberries. Master Chef Jure Pečarič picked berries by hands from his farm and used them in the recipe for his first dish – BIG BERRY Pork Fillet with asparagus pure. We are thankful for the local  Čebelarstvo Veselič honey bees. They pollinate Bela Krajina plants and provides us with sweet honey, that gave healthy sweetness for BIG BERRY Polenta. Zlati Ghee fantastic chocolate with Ghee butter from 100% happy and grass feed cows was used for Pork fillet chocolate and strawberries sauce.

We are very proud of Chef Jure Pačarič that he passed BIG BERRY Taste test 100%! He tried” Zlati Ghee chocolate, Vizir beer and Kmetija Štrucel yogurts.

Thanks for our amazing Chef Jure Pečarič that he gave us opportunity to get to know him more. We had a pleasure not only to try his dishes but also we took interview about some secret things that you can hear and see on our YouTube channel.

Probably you think that he was working non-stop… No! He had time to ENJOY and get some BIG BERRY Experience. Welcome basket and BIG BERRY breakfast with local products from our partners (organic apple juice Lamut from Zupančič, Pogača bred  from Domače Dobrote Mojca and other products) was always there to please.

A little bird told us that he really loved our project and he is enjoying being a part of it!  We are satisfied and we are happy to announce that we had a good start!



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Discover unique dishes with BIG BERRY Chef Jure Pečarič. You can find recipe of BIG BERRY Pork fillet here and for BIG BERRY Polenta by clicking here.

BIG BERRY Polenta breakfast is lightly sweet, moist and delicious. This easy treat is perfect as a breakfast coffee dessert after lunch or an anytime you want to charge your batteries with some of BIG BERRY EXPERIENCE! Lightly sweet cake will fit into any menu and it’s so easy to make! Just follow recipe and video and you can easily be BIG BERRY chef.

BIG BERRY Pork fillet with asparagus pure will be perfect for impressive dinner meal. This delicious and versatile pork fillet recipe are sure to please. Flavors of chocolate and strawberries will gently surprise you. Perfectly medium rare steak just cooked until the marbled fat within the flesh rendered and melted in the mouth. Treat your loved ones to a delicious and romantic dinner at home.

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