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Ann Pavletić & Filip Janičić designing eco-jewellery

Ann Pavletić & Filip Janičić are the creative minds behind the Paul Faber brand and have now presented a collection of eco-jewellery. The designers took a step back in time to get a clear and easier look at the whole picture in order to determine their goal. That is how Pavletić & Janičić began to introduce parts from the past to their daily life. Things from a past time when products were created and designed to last for decades. Qualitiy, durability, functionality and very carefully selected materials were the bases for the long usage. The idea behind the eco-jewellery is to create carefully designed products which a offered in very small batches. The disgners combine modern technology with hand-finsihing touches to achieve a significant quality and impression of each product. The final touch bringst the character to the products conveying emotions.

BIG BERRY certainly also follows the concept of qualitative and long-lasting products which is why we love this eco-jewellery so much...and also because of how it looks of course. 

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